Hotel New York

The New York Hotel is a true architectural jewel located right in the center of the city. It represents a landmark for both residents and visitors. It was built in an eclectic style on the site of the old National Hotel, demolished in 1894. The New York Hotel was the favorite meeting place for the personalities of the time, the ground floor of the hotel was hosting a literary café and national press. After the Second World War, the building functioned as a student home. After 1960 it resumed at his hotel function. The year 2005 was a decisive year for this building, not reaching hotel standards, it loses the hotel function, since then the state of the building has been constantly degraded, pieces of plaster detached from the facade endangering the life of the passers by. It will take some time before we can admire the beautiful building again. The ideas of those who own it are at project level and time seems to stand still. Maybe not in the most booming style

Hotel New YorkCristian Lipovan
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